novembre 30

Le Présent en Be + V-ing


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grammaire anglaise, présent continu, présent en be + V-ing

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  • Excellent illustration! However, how do you explain the McDonald’s slogan « I’m loving it! » despite the fact that verbs of ‘affection/love/tastes’ (like, love, hate, prefer, adore, etc.) do NOT normally use the BE+ing form ? I wouldn’t have put this at the top of the infogram to avoid confusion. Nonetheless I have found a suitable translation in French which would be « Je me régale » (process in progress) and not « J’aime ça ».

    • Thank you so much for your comment. You’re absolutely right! That example refers to one of the few specific uses of present continuous that we couldn’t cover on that sheet but we still wanted it to be there 😉 Anyone using this slogan insists on the present situation, them eating their meal and having a blast. « Je me régale. » is definitely the perfect translation, we totally agree and can’t see a better one 🙂

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